About Us

Lindy Cabrera

RN, MSN, Owner

Lindy is the owner of CoMedEd and facility instructor with a local hospital. She has been a nurse since 1986 with experience in Emergency Department, ICU, Cardiac, labor and delivery. She is licensed and certified with extensive clinical skills. Her focus for the past 5 years has gone into education and employee health. In 2000 Lindy officially became an American Heart Association Instructor. She has also trained military personnel, traveling nurses, labor and delivery nurses, ICU, ED, Cardiac Telemetry, Cath Lab, Radiologists, Anesthesiologists, dental personnel and many others.

Luke Balloun

Business Manager

Luke has been in business management since 1996 and is well experienced in day to day operations and business planning and analysis. He has developed essential skills in accounting, marketing, non-profits, and human resources. He specializes in finance, management, and computer applications. His tried and tested approach to obstacles has provided him with proven methods and innovative solutions for business and industry.